After graduating with a First Class degree in History I was full of hope about moving to London and joining the world of work.


The reality: lost in terms of direction, feeling stuck and unfulfilled in corporate recruitment. It knocked my confidence until I realised that my experience didn't have to define my future. 


I bit the bullet and went through a career change process, all the while wishing I had better tools and resources to guide me.


The process paid off.


I'm now doing work I love - advising businesses on their talent and technology strategy and how they can work with entrepreneurs along the way.


I love joining the dots between people and the work they’re meant to do.


Let’s help you do the same.




The world of work is more exciting than ever before, but traditional career advice is no longer fit for purpose.


It's often the paradox of choice that prevents us from really knowing where to focus.


I'm on a mission to help professionals better navigate the process of finding and keeping a career they truly love.


From understanding your skills, interview practice, confidence coaching and holding you accountable for your own success: our coaching sessions will be personalised to your needs to help you carve out the career you deserve.



  • Understand and articulate your unique strengths to know where you can add the most value in the world of work
  • Help you to cut through the noise of recruiters, job boards and bad advice to deliver personalised insights that are fit for purpose
  • Create an action plan to find or build a career you truly love
  • Get the confidence, connections and clarity needed to land your dream job or start your own thing
  • A no BS approach to coaching: I will tell you the things that others might not. You'll get no-nonsense advice, which at times may feel uncomfortable
  • A personal cheerleader, confidante and around-the-clock support


I offer free consultation calls before you commit. 

It all starts by answering a few questions to find out if coaching is right for you.  No strings attached.